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Sexplained One - Sex & Your Health

Sexplained One – Sex & Your Health

Sexplained Two - For Changing Times

Sexplained Two – For Changing Times


Helen Knox | Sexplained.com

Click the link here… Helen Knox – Founder and Managing Director of Sexplained Ltd The alternative office in Barbados !! About Helen Nominations and Awards TV and Radio Public Speaking Press In The Classroom.
Helen Knox – Sexual Health expert – Balance Activ

She is a director of Sexplained Ltd, and has an accredited sexual health training programme, to teach students worldwide. Helen is passionate about sexual health and informing the public as well as healthcare professionals in this area. She owns Knox Publishing, and has written and published four books on the topic, …
TV and Radio Experience — Helen J Knox | Sexplained.com

Photo of Helen J Knox, in Barbados, on one of many visits The alternative office !! View from alternative office, in Barbados Some TV – Radio – Other Public.
Sexplained one – sex and Your Health | Blog | Nursing Times

Oct 8, 2014 Helen Knox8 September 2015 9:30 pm. How interesting that someone not involved with Sexual Health in any way, has basically torn this book to shreds whilst this is the endorsement letter from the lead nurse of the sexual health department of a major London teaching hospital. “Dear Helen I thought you …