Sexplained Two – For Changing Times


Used for the last nine years as ‘core programme material’ during their health studies programme at The American School in London, this book is a comprehensive guide for young people, and adults, too.

It explains the intricacies of physical and emotional changes that occur during puberty, adolescence and young adulthood.

It covers:

Section 1 – Young Men’s Changes & WillyWorries

Section 2 – Young Women’s Changes & Women’s Worries

Section 3 – Visiting a Clinic

Section 4 – Contraception (Birth Control) (Family Planning)

Section 5 – Growing Up & New Experiences

Section 6 – The Law & Sex (including FGM)

Section 7 – Safer Sex

Section 8 – Social Media

Section 9 – Safer Dating & Clubbing

Section 10 – Language & Respect

Section 11 – The Sexplained Column

Section 12 – Overview of Sexual Infections


Sexplained Two – For Changing Times

(2014) (For Young People & Parents, too!)

Picture from launch party for Sexplained Two - For Changing Times

Picture from launch party for Sexplained Two – For Changing Times

NEWS: Sexplained Two – For Changing Times – launched in November 2014

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Cover of Sexplained Two – For Changing Times, by Helen J Knox

This book replaces and extends “Sexplained 2… For Young People”.

New title: “Sexplained Two – For Changing Times”

Launched: 7th November 2013, updated 2017
Retail Price: £12 (GBP)
Number of pages: 280

Number of words: 113, 952
ISBN 10 – 0-9526224-3-2
ISBN 13 – 978-0-9526224-3-7


Front Cover Sex TWO

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Contents of Sexplained Two – For Changing Times

Features and Benefits (Sexplained Two)


Student Feedback

Launch Press Release


Section 1 – Young Men’s Changes & WillyWorries
Pages 11- 32

Puberty and Adolescence
Sperm production
Quality of sperm
Some other changes during puberty
How do boys and men get an erection?
Vital note to all men
Does it matter that I have a small penis?
How you measure the length of your penis can add about an inch or two!
How do I measure the length of my penis?
How can I make my penis bigger?
I’m worried that my penis is too small for sex.
How can I make my penis smaller?
Is it normal to have one testicle bigger than the other?
What happens to the unused sperm if I don’t have sex?
What are wet dreams and why do I have them?
Why do I have an erection when I wake up in the morning?
Is it normal to have lumps or little bumps on my penis?
If I masturbate and stop the ejaculate coming out by squeezing my penis (or put my thumb over its tip, or behind my testicles and press hard) will it do me harm?
I get a pleasant sensation when I climb frames or ropes in PE from rubbing against my genital area. Is this an orgasm?
My friends say they go on for ages when they have sex, but I ejaculate very quickly. Is this normal?
Why do some men get painful erections, with their penis bending to one side?
How do I put my penis into my partner so we can have sex and does it hurt?
Will my penis be trapped inside my partner when I have sex and how do I get it out again?
When my penis is inside my partner, will I pass urine?
Why do my testicles ache so much when we’re just heavy petting?
Will my penis be too big to go inside my girlfriend if she’s never had sex before?
I can get my penis into my partner but I can’t ejaculate. What’s wrong and how can I come?
Does it mean I have sperm if I have erections?
At what age will I have sperm?
Should I be able to see sperm in my urine?
Information about sperm!
A good reason for fiddling with your own or your partner’s testicles!
How often should I check?
Where should I check them?
How do I check my testicles?
What else should I look out for?
I’ve noticed something
First, check to see if it is on your other testicle, too.
If it is, it’s extremely unlikely to be cancer, as it rarely develops on both sides.
Now what do I do?
What if I’ve got testicular cancer?
I won’t look normal anymore
What about sex?
I’ve heard of torsion of the testicles, what’s that?
What’s a hydrocele?
What’s my prostate?
With infection, you may notice:
Further genital hygiene


Section 2 – Young Women’s Changes & Women’s Worries
Pages 33 – 65

What’s puberty?
What’s the difference between puberty and adolescence?
Fertile mucus
What happens when you have unprotected sex?
Ectopic pregnancy
How periods happen
How much blood is lost during a period?
How long do periods last and how often do they come?
Vaginal discharge
Diary keeping
Other changes during puberty
Menstrual cycle and weight
Cervical maturity
Adolescent development
How can smoking cause high blood pressure?
Breast Self-Examination (BSE)
What should I look for when I check my breasts?
Basic BSE technique
What’s my clitoris and where is it?
I’ve heard about the G-spot. What is it and where can I find mine?
Why do I get wet down below when I think of sex?
What is my vagina?
Where is my vagina?
What’s my hymen?
If I break it, can it be repaired?
What does the word virgin mean?
If I lose my virginity, how can I find it again?
Will I lose my virginity if I ride a man’s bicycle or a horse?
When do girls start their periods?
When will I have my first period, become fertile and be able to have a baby?
Is it common to have irregular periods?
Should I use sanitary pads/towels or tampons when I have my periods?
The Mooncup ®
How is it used?
Toxic shock syndrome (TSS)
Will I bleed when I have sex for the first time?
If I do bleed, how much will it be?
If my Mum gets ill with her periods, will I, too?
Is it OK to have sex during a period?
Weight and dieting
What’s contraception?
Why is it important for men/women to know about contraception before we first have sex/make love?
Where can I get contraception?
What should we know about contraception?
What else is on offer?
Do I have to be married or planning a family to go to a clinic offering contraception services or family planning advice?
Do they need to see any identification of who I am?
Will they lecture me?
So, if I inject or use drugs, am I still welcome at the clinics?
Will they tell my doctor (GP) if I go to clinic?
How can I be sure?
Must I return to the same clinic where I started?
Are the doctors male or female at contraception clinics?
How much does it cost?
Can I just go to clinic for condoms?
Where can I find these condom supply points?

Section 3 – Visiting a Clinic
Pages 66 – 70

When I am visiting a clinic, what should I be aware of?
What else is available?
Is everything confidential?
If they keep notes about me, what information do they need?
Who will I see?
How can I help the staff?
Can I have an HIV test at a Sexual Health Clinic?
What’s a contact slip and why do some people get one?
Can I do a test for HIV at home?
Is contraception available at all sexual health clinics?
Can I just visit a clinic for condoms if I don’t want to be seen?
Do they need to see identification of who I am?
How can I be sure?
Can I take a friend with me as an interpreter?
Apart from contraception or testing for sexual infections, what else is available at this type of clinic?
General information
Wound care

Section 4 – Contraception (Birth Control) (Family Planning)
Pages 71 – 128

Emergency Hormonal Contraception
Combined Hormonal Contraception (CHC)
Progestogen-only methods
Intra-Uterine Contraception
Barrier Methods
Natural Methods


Section 5
Growing Up & New Experiences
Pages 129 – 148

Why do people say they have sex?
Why do people have sex?
Why do people have sex if they want a cuddle?
If someone wants to have sex with me, does it mean that they love me?
My partner says that if I love him/her, I’d have sex with him/her…
My boyfriend says he’ll leave me if I don’t do what he wants.
How do young men masturbate?
How do young women masturbate?
What does it feel like to have an orgasm?
It’s so complicated!
What’s heavy petting/foreplay?
For both sexes
For Young Women
For Young Men
Love and sex – What’s the difference and why?
How soon should we have sex?
What about sex outside marriage?
My boyfriend says he needs to have sex…
I feel left out.
Should I … just do it?
What does French kissing mean?
I think I love someone…
Sometimes I fancy two people at one time. Is this common?
Do erect nipples mean we want sex?
I don’t know what to do with my partner so how do I become the best at sex?
I’ve heard boys talk about a fanny fart. What’s that?
Does or should sex hurt a woman?
Do love-bites hurt and can they cause disease or harm?
Why do I just want to have sex without any commitment?
Why didn’t my partner want to know me after we had sex?
Is sex addictive?
Am I really able to get pregnancy BEFORE my first period?
Can I get pregnant if my boyfriend kisses me?
Do I have to have sex to get pregnant?
How can I get pregnant without having sex, then?
If I’m a virgin, can I get pregnant without having sex?
Can I get pregnant the first time I have sex?
Can I get pregnant without having an orgasm?
Can I get pregnant standing up?
Can I get pregnant by heavy petting or fingering?
My friend used heroin and her periods stopped.
Can she still get pregnant?
When can I have a pregnancy test?
Where can I have a pregnancy test?
What if I find out I’m pregnant and don’t know what to do or where to turn for help?
What about my partner?
I’ve heard I won’t be able to have a baby in the future if I have a termination. Is this true?
Men make sperm all the time but can I run out of eggs if I have too much sex?
I don’t want to be like my Mum and have a baby when I’m a teenager, so what can I do?
Do women have erections?
I’ve heard that women make something called smegma. What is that?
Should I get pain after sex?
If a pregnant woman has sex with someone who has VD will the baby be affected?
As a young woman, is it dangerous for my health if I have sex under the age of 16?
Can I reduce these risks if I do have sex under the age of 16?
Is it normal to bleed between my periods?
I’ve heard that it can cause vaginal infections if I douche (squirt water in to my vagina to wash it out) use bubble bath, vaginal deodorants, scented soap, etc. Is this true?
I want my parents to know I’m sexually active and grown up enough to take precautions. But, I don’t know how to tell them without them getting angry with me, as they probably won’t approve.
My parents get embarrassed when I ask about sex. Why, when they must have done it for me to be here?
Who else can I ask because I’m too embarrassed to ask my parents about sex?
Is it OK for me to have sex under the age of 16?
Why don’t parents mind boys having sex, but they mind girls having it? Surely this is unfair?
Why do my parents still have sex?
If this is so, why do my parents mind my grandparents having sex?
I worry that I’m different from other young people.
How can I tell if I’m gay, and who can I turn to for support?

Section 6 – The Law & Sex (including FGM)
Pages 149 – 201

Consent occurs when…
Lack of consent may be
demonstrated by…
Age of Consent
Assault by penetration
Sexual assault
USI – Unlawful sexual intercourse
Child Sexual Offences
Sexual activity with a child
Abuse of position of trust
Familial child sex offences
Offences against persons with a mental disorder impeding choice
Indecent photographs
Indecent images
Paying for sexual services of a child
Other child sexual offences
Interpretation / Definitions
Preparatory offences
Administering a substance with intent
Committing an offence with intent to commit a sexual offence
Sex with an adult relative
Other offences
Sexual activity in a public lavatory
Offences outside the UK
Forced and Arranged Marriage
Female Genital Mutilation / Cutting (FGM/C)
Child Marriage
Girl-child Beading
Obstetric Fistulae
Plus: many common situational questions and answers

Section 7 – Safer Sex
Pages 204-230

Think about this!
Safer sex
High risk activities
Medium risk activities
Low risk activities
Is oral sex when you ‘talk dirty’ to each other?
Is it really OK not to want oral sex?
Can a woman get pregnant if she only has oral sex?
I’ve heard of the 69 position. What is that and how do you do it?
Should condoms be used during oral sex?
What are dental/oral dams? I’ve never heard of them before, and neither have my friends.
Can I use flavoured condoms during penetrative sex?
What if a partner tells me not to use
condoms because they don’t like them?
Do you really want to receive all their germs?
Should I practice using a condom on my own?
When should male condoms be used?
How are male condoms used?
What if the condom won’t roll right down?
What if I make a mistake and put a
condom on inside out?
It burst, it leaks, and it doesn’t feel the same, why?
What if I don’t get all the air out of the teat?
What if I have long nails, hangnails or rough nails?
If I wear two condoms, I’ll be double safe, won’t I?
Can I use a flavoured condom for
penetrative vaginal sex?
Are there any new male condoms?
I’ve never heard of polyisoprene
condoms. What are they like?
What is spermicide?
Should I use extra spermicide with my
Should I use spermicidally or non-spermicidally lubricated condoms?
Should I use extra lubricant with any type of condom?
Which lubricants are safe to use with latex condoms or the female cap/diaphragm?
Safe Lubricants
Ladies, please note!
To all men and women
Is anal sex legal?
Which condom can I use for anal sex?
What’s Gel Charging?
What are Female Condoms?
How do I negotiate having safer sex when we have not been using condoms but have been together for a long time?
What would this question imply if your partner asks to use a condom?
What if we always have safer sex but then want to have a baby?
What about artificial insemination?
A sobering thought
Some general points to remember
Think Twice
Penis Manners Sexplained®
The Pyramid Risk of Infection

Section 8 – Social Media
Pages 231 – 236

What is Social Media?
Language and Respect
Stranger Danger
Password Protection
Who Gets Hired – Who Gets Fired
Good Times Come Back To Haunt
Privacy Settings
Profile Pictures
Posting Pictures Online
Online Bullying
Lock Your Device(s)
False Accounts
Friends Of Friends
Screen Prints From Video
Do Things Ever Really Disappear
DOs and DON’Ts of Using Social Media Safely

Section 9 – Safer Dating & Clubbing
Pages 237 – 247

Theft and pickpockets
Mobile phones and handbags
Men hunt in packs
Lone danger
Casual sex
Look after each other better
Accepting a lift
Minicabs (taxis)
Advice when entering someone’s home for the first time
Being alone with strangers
Date rape
Sexual Assault
What to do
Are there any organisations around that help men with a
history of violence?
Swapping addresses and phone numbers
Don’t accept things from strangers or acquaintances
Drink, drugs and fights
When to contact the police
Will I have to make a formal
If I’m being harassed, why is it so important to contact the
PEP / PEPSE — What is it?
PrEP — What is it?
Safer dating for people with
physical or mental disability
Conditional Consent

Section 10 – Language & Respect
Pages 248 – 249

Language and Respect
Discussion Points

Section 11 – The Sexplained Column
Pages 250 – 273

Addicted to Porn
In a Quandary
Ballooning Belly
Fun Sex
Scared About Being Examined
Tantric Tootsies
Seeing Spots
A Pinching Problem
Sugary Daddies
Conception Without Intercourse
Expanding Vaginas
Too Drunk To Consent
Forever Bladdered
Friend said… Cancer Comes From Sex!
Oops! Something’s Wrong!
A Tangled Web
What’s Wrong With Vaseline?
To Masturbate or Not to Masturbate… That is the Question!
The Bottom Line
Two Women
Tell Me Yours
Shocking Syndrome
Loverboys Galore
LGBTQI – What’s That?
No Shame

Section 12
Overview of Sexual Infections
Pages 274 – 275

Overview of Sexually Acquired Infections (SAIs) : bacterial; viral; and non-bacterial, non-viral infections





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