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About Knox Publishing:

Knox Publishing was formed in 1995, with the publication of SEXplained… The Uncensored Guide to Sexual Health, Helen’s first book.

This was followed by the publication of its sequel, SEXplained 2… For Young People, in 1999.

On both occasions, Helen was turned down by mainstream publishers. The first publisher she approached, who published for a colleague of hers (another nurse), felt that without the firm support of a major family planning organisation in the UK, which told him that ‘it won’t sell’, he couldn’t afford to invest in Helen’s work. Undeterred by this nonsense, Helen took out a loan and with the help of a friend who offered to help her, she produced and self-published her book. Three print runs later, it is still available for sale more than 20 years on, and has been updated and extended greatly. 

Helen’s new title, Sexplained One – Sex & Your Health greatly extends and replaces that first title.

When it came to publishing its sequel, SEXplained 2… For Young People, Helen met with a major publisher, who loved her ideas and what she had produced so far, without a publishing background. After all, Helen is a nurse, not a professional publisher. She did not know, then, that her life would be changed forever. The publisher asked for an extra week to give him time to speak to the marketing team in depth. He wanted whatever she had written already, and whatever she could write – and to take them ‘worldwide, in multiple languages’.

Helen was excited, naturally, but remained grounded. He called three weeks later and the disappointment in his tone was obvious from the moment Helen answered the call. He was upset. He had really wanted to sign Helen to the Virgin Publishing label. After all, at that time she was ‘The Virgin Sexpert’ answering questions ‘live’ online every week for Virgin Net. His  marketing team told him that ‘sexual health is too hard to market’.

Yes, sexual health is very hard to market and thanks to that marketing team, both publications, now updated and extended, still sell, 20+ and 17+ years on. Perhaps it says more about the marketing team than about sexual health in general, and perhaps it also explains, to some extent, why the sexual health of so many people continues to be a rising problem around the world.

The market for Helen’s books is vast…

The publications are thoroughly researched, well written and carefully checked…

We hope you make the decision to see this for yourself and that they help you to look after yourself and also others.

Knox Publishing

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  1. It’s nice to see that we can still write to Knox Publishing in the normal fashion, for mail-order as well as use this site for e-ordering via Sexplained Ltd.

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