SEXplained… The Uncensored Guide to Sexual Health (1995)




The Uncensored Guide to Sexual Health

  by Helen Knox 

ISBN 0-9526224-0-8

UK Price £9.99


First published in 1995

For the first time:

The whole subject of sexual health is discussed in a simple, realistic, non-medical format by a specialist in Contraception and Sexual Health. A plain speaking guide for all is available, which accepts that certain activities occur without being discussed openly – be you straight, gay, lesbian or bisexual.

The rules of safer sex are completely re-written, to keep you safe from all sexually transmitted infections all sexually transmitted infections all sexually transmitted infections all sexually transmitted infections.

Subjects covered include: general information about family planning and genito-urinary medicine clinics, what to expect if visiting them, information about  smear tests, breast and testicular self examination.

Infections covered include: bacterial vaginosis, balanitis, chlamydia, cystitis, genital warts, gonorrhoea,hepatitis (A-E), herpes, HIV, lice, NSU, PID, scabies, thrush, toxic shock syndrome, trichomonas vaginalis plus contraceptive tips for men and women and much more.

The most comprehensive information yet available about correct male and female condom use.

It lists safe and unsafe lubricants to, or not to use with condoms.

Each section is laid out in the same easy to follow pattern, i.e.

Other name.

Where does it come from?

How is it passed on?

How long does it take to show?

What might I notice?

What tests would I have?

What treatment is there if I have it?

What should I do after I finish the treatment?

What about my partner?

What about sex?

What about oral sex, anal sex and condoms?

What complications can come from having it?

How can I avoid getting it?


PLUS 12 full colour medical pictures,

showing some visual signs & some results of unprotected sex!


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