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Sexplained Two - For Changing Times, by Helen J Knox

Sexplained Two – For Changing Times, by Helen J Knox

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Sexplained Two – For Changing Times

Taking the Clinic to the Street and into Schools


Helen Knox, a nurse with over 25 years’ NHS experience in Contraception (Family Planning) and Sexual Health, will publish the fourth book in her Sexplained … series on 7th November.


Entitled Sexplained Two – For Changing Times this is a reference work that can be used as a comprehensive resource for individuals in search of answers to a multiplicity of questions about contraception and sexual health or as the foundation for sex education in a fast changing social and technological environment.


Helen takes the clinic to the street, and in to school, by confronting the many issues that individuals need to understand in relation to sex and physical relationships and the sexual complications of the 21st century. The foundation for her content is a personal database and resource of more than 15,000 genuine questions and answers she has provided about intensely personal issues to worried boys and girls, men and women who cannot, for a variety of reasons, bring themselves to seek professional help face to face. These are private individuals who, having nowhere else to go, have sought help anonymously through Helen’s popular Sexplained Column started in Better Health Magazine, Barbados over a decade ago.


Although the book is packed with information applicable to everyone – regardless of age, race, sexual orientation or disability – of particular relevance to the changing times in which we live are Safer Use of Social Media, The Law and Sex, and on all to often unspoken sexual topics such as Female Genital Mutilation/Circumcision (FGM/C).


Take, for example, FGM/C. UNICEF estimates that over 130 million girls and women worldwide are affected. Although the practice is starting to decline in some regions, an additional 30 million more girls and young women will be affected within the next 10 years. This equates to: 57,000 per week; 8,250 per day; 344 per hour; 6 per minute; 1 girl mutilated every 10 seconds. This practice may be illegal in the UK, but it doesn’t stop vulnerable young girls being taken abroad to undergo FGM/C – more often than not against their will. FGM/C needs to be discussed openly – and as part of the school curriculum – in our multi-cultural society.


Sexplained Books are used in schools to support their SRE/PHSE programmes, in clinics to support healthcare practitioners in their work. Sexplained Two – For Changing Times will now become the ‘go to’ reference for healthcare professionals, young people, their parents and other adults who feel out of their comfort zone, when faced with today’s sexual health challenges.


Sexplained Two… For Changing Times is published by Knox Publishing, 136 St Stephens Crescent, Brentwood, Essex. Cost: £12 + £2.00 p&p.


For a review copy, please Contact Helen Knox on 07976 657 252; email:




What Professionals Have Said About
Sexplained Two – For Changing Times

“Forget other survival guides: This is the one everybody needs. Buy it for your kids, your gap year, your school library, your GP, your practice nurse, school nurse, or your barracks… but most of all, buy it for yourself. This is essential information way beyond the experience of most of us, including many healthcare professionals, but it’s all here and easy to find.

Maybe there is no such thing as a stupid question but it’s scary to ask and dangerous not to. All your questions are answered here, as well as many you didn’t even know you wanted to ask.

For example: What’s FGM? What’s an oral dam? How can you get pregnant without having sex? How long do sperm live inside a woman? What does consent really mean? What should I do if I forget my Pill? How fast do men ejaculate? What’s a clitoris? What’s phimosis? What’s fertile mucus? My boyfriend says he needs to have sex! and Should sex hurt? … to name just a few.

We all wonder and we all need to know.”

Dr David Wight
General Practitioner – Sheffield


“Sexplained Two – For Changing Times is an essential tool for anyone who works with girls and young men, and is a must read for every teenager (and adult).

Helen’s abundance of medical knowledge combined with the right amount of humor sheds light on many important and all too often unspoken sexual topics.

Everyone invested in sexual and reproductive health and development will want to read it.

I cannot – recommend it more highly to schools.”

 Joy Marchese
Teacher and Parent Educator at The American School in London


“Times have definitely changed. Gone are the days when contraception and genito-urinary medicine were two distinct disciplines. With the integration of sexual health services, many professionals feel out of their depth, and their comfort zone, when they are faced with today’s sexual health challenges.

This book covers topics that staff working with young people need to know and it’s an invaluable reference for people working in a wide range of environments.

It answers a myriad of questions posed by healthcare professionals, young people, their parents and other adults.

I highly recommended this book, to all.”

 Justin Gaffney RN
Chair of Genito-Urinary Nurses Association (GUNA) UK


“Anyone contemplating their choice of contraception will find this book to be an excellent guide.

After explaining the changes that occur as we mature physically and emotionally, it offers sensible choices. Written in a user friendly / easily accessible format, it is useful for young people and those who work or live with them.

And, given the increasing relationship between social media, pornography and the many laws related to sex, this it an important book for anyone interested in, or curious about, the sexual complications of the 21st century.”

 Sally Kelsey
Contraception Nurse Specialist


About the Author

Described in 2004 by the UK’s Nursing Times magazine as ‘a courageous innovator’, Helen J Knox qualified as a Registered Nurse at Westminster Hospital, London SW1 in 1978. She worked as a Senior Staff Nurse at St Thomas’ Hospital Accident and Emergency Department, London, and later as a District Nursing Sister in West London. In the mid 1980s, she moved into the specialist field of Family Planning and has worked in the area of reproductive health as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Contraception and Sexual Health ever since.

Initially covering up to seven clinical sessions in West and North-West London and teaching in two or three men’s prisons each week, she gained a unique insight into the reproductive and sexual health needs of both genders.

In 1991, a time when there was no-one to base such work on and talking about contraception and sexual health was considerably more risky and ‘taboo’ than it is today, Helen became the UK’s first Outreach Clinical Nurse Specialist in this field, working in the deprived multi-ethnic, inner-city South London Borough of Lambeth.

She introduced ‘condom supply points’ to South London and by promising organisers a regular supply of condoms for participants or residents, gained access to many unsuspecting audiences.

She could be found in all sorts of unexpected locations too, teaching people of all ages about contraception and sexual health. Places included, but were not limited to: homeless hostels, youth clubs, drug agencies, probation centres, pupil referral units, civic centres, sex work projects, job clubs, bus stations, boxing gyms, mental health and learning disabled units, mother and baby projects, women’s refuges, schools, colleges, and universities. She even held a session with young people who insisted on sitting in a neighbouring graveyard, rather than their classroom.

All of this contributed to her unique perspective on the challenges of sexual health promotion, and in 1994, led her to become a finalist in the Nursing Times / 3M National Nursing Awards for Innovation in Nursing and Midwifery for her outreach work in South London.

In her own time, Helen became The Virgin Sexpert, running the first moderated chat room for Virgin Net. She then set up her own Sexplained Cyber Clinics and her very busy website,

Unable to find accessible leaflets to answer questions she was being asked, Helen wrote a booklet to explain some topics, supported by the Special Trustees of St Thomas’ Hospital, London SE1. Then, in 1995, she published her highly acclaimed first book, Sexplained… The Uncensored Guide to Sexual Health, which changed her life, forever.

In 1999, she published its sequel, Sexplained 2… For Young People. In the same year, she formed Sexplained Ltd. and went on holiday to Barbados — a trip that took her life in a different direction.

Since 2001, Helen has written a monthly Sexplained Column for that country’s Better Health Magazine. Extracts of which are included in this book to bring the topic to life.

In 2004, Helen became an Assessor for the RCN (Royal College of Nursing) Sexual Health Skills Course. Since 2011, she has redesigned Sexplained Training to give people a comfortable way of learning about contraception and sexual health subjects in bite-sized portions, in an enjoyable way; and in 2013 she completed a PG Dip Social Innovation. She plans to offer this training, long-distance, using innovative techniques.

Also in 2013, she republished her first book, Sexplained… The Uncensored Guide to Sexual Health after updating and considerably extending it over a period of several years, as Sexplained One — Sex &Your Health; and in 2014 she joined the UKTI (UK Trade and Investment) Passport to Export scheme for assistance taking Sexplained® to a global audience.

She has appeared over 200 times on TV and radio in the UK, and overseas, and been invited to speak at national conferences. She has also appeared on stage alongside actors/comedians Robbie Gee and Eddie Nestor, to drive home some health messages in a rather unusual way.

Sexplained Two — For Changing Times updates and extends Helen’s second book, Sexplained 2… For Young People, for a world in which sexual health is no longer such a taboo topic but for which a greater understanding about contraception and all the related sexual health topics is essential.

For more information about Helen, her books, Sexplained Training and to be kept up to date with developments, please visit


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