Sexplained Accredited Training

If you are interested in contraception, sexual health and related training, please take a look at our sister site: or click this link which will take you straight to information about the different Units of learning that are available.

Building Firm Foundations For Safer Care


Do you commission Practice Nurse education?

Do you send staff on Contraception or Sexual Health Training?

Would your staff like to feel ‘less lost’ when they are asked related questions by their patients?

How do you know anything about their knowledge base, for influencing others?

How do you know that they have paid attention to the whole of a course?

Our training can be used towards portfolio evidence for AP(E)L / Accreditation of Prior (Experiential) Learning if students later apply for modular exemptions on taught courses at University.


Which type of training would you prefer you to buy?

A course with which:
1 – students listen to some lectures and write an essay on a single topic to get an academic credit
2 – students listen to some lectures, do some guided study, and then demonstrate that they understand the course components well enough to complete a marked workbook containing a broad range of questions?

Sexplained Training takes students along a step-by-step, logical learning curve and helps them to understand each topic, clearly.

  • It’s not high academia.
  • Our Unit based training is designed to help students understand complicated topics in a gentle way and give them firm foundations upon which to develop their future work and learning.

To achieve accreditation through AQA (Assessment & Qualifications Alliance), students must consider each element of the training and demonstrate their understanding, through completion of a marked workbook.

  • No essays! CPD option available.

Working in association with MSH Wellbeing, in Angel, Islington, our training is designed and taught by highly qualified, instructing clinical nurse specialists with a minimum of 15 years’ experience to their credit, of working in their particular field. Sexplained Training is NOT taught by lay-trainers.

Download Training Information – for Practice Nurses

Download 2013:14-Sexplained Training Catalogue – for Workforce Development

Contact us for information about Block Booking discounts.


NOTE: Bespoke Units, accredited to Level 1, 2 or 3, (the highest that AQA can accredit) can be developed if there is a topic of particular interest to an employer/organisation if you are interested in working with us to do so.

Our Units are developed to the maximum that AQA allows but their content is beyond that level.

CPD options are available for all of the above, at Level 5 & 6, without accreditation.

For practice nurses, maximum benefit is gained by undertaking accredited training with consolidating workbook completion at Level 3.

This will automatically give CPD Certification at Level 6 and help to demonstrate learning outcomes towards the 45 hours of required CPD per annum; and also towards a portfolio of evidence if applying for AP(E)L modular exemption on a university course at a later date.


PS – We can travel to your venue, to train your staff – minimum required for block booking, 10 participants, per Unit.



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